Viva México

Finally, some real balls where personal freedom is concerned.

According to the Associated Press, the Mexican Congress approved a bill Friday that will legalize drug possession for personal use. Got that Dumshit? The Mexicans have decriminalized getting high in your own damn home! After el Presidente Fox signs the bill (which he is expected to do) folks toting around small amounts of marijuana, cocaine and even heroin will be free, high, and happy. And get this… they passed this legislation despite the wasteful and entirely useless war on drugs – the last remaining relic of the Nixon years and a product of the 1930s prohibition-minded nabobs who sought to control industries (hemp) and personal liberties. What a proud American accomplishment that’s turned out to be.

I’ll be damned if I can find this news item on the majors – even BBC seemed to miss this rather significant development. Meanwhile, news that did get headlines included Dubya’s indignation over the Spanish version of the US national anthem, a former Abu-Ghraib officer is charged with cruelty (OMG!), and the bill for the war in Iraq (which is far from ‘mission accomplished’) may hit $811bn.

You know? Maybe it’s time that we all sing the Spanish Spangled Banner – the Mexicans seem to have a hedge over most Americans on the concept of freedom and liberty for all.

UPDATE, 2009: After several fits and starts, President Felipe Calderón signs the law into history.

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