Who Am I, but another opinionated Blog Writer.

I am opinionated blog writer. A closet socialist. I believe that capitalism, while it has created great good, has created great badness (e.g., the top 1% owns 90% of the wealth in America – are you f’n serious?). How we got there is a whole other story, but the fact that we are in the situation ought to be a friggin wake-up call.

I believe that current currency and taxation models can and must be changed – but not the way that the Tea Party envisions. I am a former church goin Christian; they have forgotten the message and worship the creeds (read 1 Corinthians 13 – tell me I’m wrong). I also KNOW that people – like me – who are too vocal, who are honest about their opinions, are often in for a world of hurt. So, call me chicken because on this account – I remain anonymous. My pen name is “Matthew Underwood.” Gamers know me by one of two screen names: “Munderwood” or “Underwood.” I’m also known by other pen names.

Another truth about me. I am an enabler. Every day, I push mediocrity. I sell lies. I’m the puppeteer behind the superlatives and hyperbole you loathe.

Most of you blithely accept what I write as a part of your daily intake of hyped-up modern media. I work to feed the machine of consumerism with half-truths about everything from agriculture to politicians. I am the ghost in the machine that makes you fat with the desire to acquire.

I work under an alias because I’m too embarrassed to openly admit that I’m a slave of the machine. I am the silent talent who brings to life the clever puns and audacious claims you hear and read. I could quit; I should quit. I ought to bite the hand that feeds me for the higher ground of intellectual significance – and be homeless.

The sum of all my labor is a steaming pile of sales literature. You may accuse me to be the kind of person who would rather take the paycheck and whimper in the corner than stand and deliver the means to change society. Worse for me, I know that society suffers from the lack of slight changes that even a slight man, such as myself, might bring for wont of courage.

Maybe this blog will be a chronicle of my last days (months, years) as “copywriter” and the beginning of my new life as a (homeless) vanguard of something meaningful. Maybe it’ll just be yet another forever lost and endlessly pernicious pundit lost in my reflection of humanity. Maybe I’ll say some really clever things. Maybe I’ll prove to myself that there is more to life than a five word headline and a nifty lede. Maybe I’ll finally rise above my mediocrity and discover the secret to happiness.

So many maybes.


A post note: After much discussion, I am convinced that there is nothing gained by a “militant” Atheism prose. Therefore, you may find that some old articles are either gone or heavily edited from their original release (e.g., the one where I wanted to turn the Vatican into a massive cage fight prison for priests, rabbis, and imams). I have several reasons:

First, if I proclaim humanism, then I am hypocrite if I make fun of believers. Okay. So I still make fun of believers – so I’m still working on that part.

Second – ‘superbole’ (the act of pointing out excessive superlative, hyperbole) can be amusing, but there is nothing gained from super-conflation.

Third – an epiphany: not all believers are nitwits. Well, some are, but some Atheists are complete idiots. I have given up on the biblical conspiracies – no more revelations about Martin Luther (well, maybe just one or two) – and no more secret facts about the Vatican.

All that anti-god hate is bullshit anyhow. What’s to be gained by clawing at people for belief – how about build for the living? So now – this is me – making a move toward the relevant middle. I’m opening myself up to suitable civil discourse about other things that matter. I have no idea if anyone really cares – I don’t really give a shit if anyone cares – but it seems important to me at this moment. I’ll bong on it tomorrow and see if it’s still important. If it is, I’ll leave this draft online and go from there.