DaVinci Hoopla

Marcom RULE #360: If you can’t write enough convincing superbole then piss off a group of people, stand back, and let the resulting hoopla shower you with free promo.

Dumbshit Christians.

Okay. I’m a Christian too, but I’m not a dumbshit. DaVinci Code is a stupid novel based on a stupid premise that has every stupid priest and church lady on every continent convinced that it’s the greatest insult to the faith since God knows what. Here’s some perspective: an anthropology professor of mine (way way back) had two timelines that were literally wrapped around the classroom – one illustrated the history of the cosmos; in the other, the history of man. Each tallied up the long string events that leads us to the present time, represented by a very small dot.

Consider that each line represents the whole shebang – evolution of the human mind, the creation of literature, the rise of critical thinking, all our wars, the rise and fall of civilizations, and all our religions. The events that brought about this novel and the subsequent movie deal do not even amount to a light shade of grey in the dot that represents present day.

DaVinci Code is not an insult to Christianity – it’s an insult to your intellect to even worry about it! Unless, of course, you believe that the movie needs a little more help at the box office – in which case, pine on. Dan Brown is laughing all the way to the bank.

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