Success vs Happiness

!headuphis.jpgConfucius noted that there are two distinct paths that a human can take: one of happiness and the other of success and power. To appreciate the path of happiness, one must live in the present and forget all that has past and disavow any notion of the future. Thus he is happy because he lives only with what he sees before him. Conversely, to embark on the path to success, one must remember the past, plan for the future and obsess about the present, for success and power requires strategy and tactics that foreshadow the goal. Sometimes I think that Confucius was a judgmental asshole. There must be at least some people out there who have planned well for a job that they loved and is/was successful and happy all their lives – and who are not monks and don’t have their heads up their asses. Then again, what do I know?

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