Parents who shouldn’t be allowed on planes

See this article on CNN:

The problem is as old as air travel itself: Adults seated next to misbehaving kids while confined to a pressurized aluminum tube. But it seemed like until now, at least, we knew whose side the parents were on. Like the mom on Meador’s flight, they did everything they could to keep their offspring from driving the rest of the passengers quietly mad.

To echo a part of this article – on a 2 hour flight, our otherwise mild mannered 2yo daughter, began a pitched screaming fit that lasted almost the entire flight. I tried everything. I even gave her rum. To no avail. I drank the rest of the rum and ordered a round of drinks for the adults around us (those who wanted a drink). Then I banned our family from jets until both kids were rational and sensible. We took our first jet ride when they were 8 and 5. And I haven’t had a drop of rum since.

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