Nazi Sneetches

Anderson Cooper (CNN) recently reported on the apparent rise of American NAZIs – white supremacists; vulgar little Sneetches all of them.

My experience is that American racial supremacists are mere social malcontents (superbole whoo-ya) who don’t fit anywhere else in society, so they have a club where they can blame their troubles on other cultures and races. How easy it is to use hate as a motive for satisfying underlying discontent! How tragic that people would use race (or religion) to rationalize their overarching purpose – to destroy everything that they don’t understand and that they cannot control.

But our proud American Nazis are not alone. No siree! With so few examples of racial, cultural, or religious purity left on this planet; certainly none of them exists anymore in the American melting pot; that people feel compelled to go off and invent their own brand! Mutts all around the world are inventing their own concept of nationalistic supremacism. The bowel movement is so easily found in nearly every culture, country and society that one must conclude that Sneetchism is really a lingering vestige of tribalism that is so pernicious that it pulls us back from the brink of realizing global humanism (peace in our time, where the only war is between idea-makers and their words). Yeah. That’s all we need now is a bunch of little ‘Hitlers’ running around to turn this whole planet into a living hell.

“Oh, but Cliff, I’m not a little Hitler,” say you? Okay. Let’s see if you pass this test: when people hear my intellectual masturbations about religious intolerance they get pretty ticked off because I often include Christian inflexibility over homosexuality (as one example). “Hey, we’re just doing God’s work,” they say. Yeah, but where did God say, ‘persecute the sinful’? Who among us – mere human sinners – are equipped to judge? So tell me – oh righteous one – what urge motivates ‘purists’ to vanguard social isolation and legislative fiat against those who do not live as you say they should? Ah yes, my weary little Sneetch, supremacism is hard at work right here in good old gentrified Americana-suburbia – just ask Ann Coulter who toils every day with supreme supremacist fervor.Sneetch

The Wiki definition of Supremacism(just so that you know that I’m not making this up) is the belief that a particular race, religion, gender, belief system or culture is superior to others and entitles those who identify with it to dominate, control or rule those who do not. Examples include supremacism based on ethnic or anthropological origins (white supremacy, black supremacy, ethnocentrism) and gender or sexuality (male supremacy, female supremacy, straight supremacism). Therefore, a supremacist is any individual or group that vouches for the isolation and restriction (via terrorism or legislation) of another individual or group just because they don’t (or do) have “stars on thars.”

So check your bellies. Counting time is a-comin. Oh, and sorry about all the superlatives and hyperbole – just couldn’t help myself.

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